“Founder of leading dust Control Company agrees to reveal his ´Secret Methodology´ to control dust in any industry just to prove his methodology works” 
What If You Can Discover A Secret Methodology That Will Allow You To Control Dust In Any Weather Conditions, Traffic Volume, And For Long Periods 
Of Time Using NO Water?

Well, here´s some great news for you…
Now you can get instant access to my dust control Secret Methodology along with...
Exclusive Training Videos On Becoming A Dust Control Master.
ebook: 24 Revealing Principles You Have To Know To Achieve Dust Control Mastery.
The How-To Guide To Select The Best Dust Suppressant For Your Project.
Blueprint For A Profitable Selection And Use Of Dust Suppressants.
Proven Comparative Template To Calculate The Cost Of Your Dust Control Project.
The Truth You Need To Know About Dust Monitoring.
The Dust Control Calculator (A Powerful Tool).
24/7 Community Access. 
Get ALL of this for just $900     
The Ultimate Online Course On How To Become A Dust Control Expert In Your Mining And Construction Operations
The secret has finally been revealed in...
“The ultimate online course on how to become a dust control expert in your mining and construction operations” is the SHORTCUT for you to become an expert in dust control and skip all the trial and error that comes when you don´t know the best method or product to control dust effectively and efficiently in your operations. 
Why, I hear you ask? Well, because you´ll get useful, straight-to-the-point, field-tested, and applicable SECRET METHODOLOGIES to make your dust control project a complete success.

No nonsense, out-of-date information…

Real and practical stuff you can apply right away in your operations to BECOME A DUST CONTROL MASTER
You´ll get the Dos and Don’ts that will help you save money and time.

I know each project has its own challenges and specific requirements. You may want to control dust on a heavy traffic haul road, or on a stockpile, underground mining, unpaved car parks, or just on a working area…

No matter where you want to control dust, with this online course you get exactly what you need to do and how to do it.
Are you looking to control dust on a low traffic unpaved road? No worries…You´ll get how to do it WITHOUT SPENDING A SINGLE DOLLAR

Are you looking to control dust on a HEAVY traffic unpaved road without spending too much money?...You´ll also get how to do so

Best of all, it frees up your time so you can focus on what you do best…

And for a LIMITED TIME, you can grab EVERYTHING you see on this page for the ridiculously low price of $900 

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As part of our pre-launch marketing campaign, the “The Ultimate Online Course On How To Become A Dust Control Expert In Your Mining And Construction Operations” is offered for the special price of just $900 $9.99

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What Our Raving Fans Are Saying… 
This content is priceless!...So many gems in there. It´s definitely worth more than $9.99. One of the things I liked most about the course is that it tells you what you need to do in any dust control project. 
To be honest, I was skeptical at the beginning but then I thought I had nothing to lose. I mean, $9.99 and if I don´t like it I can get my money back. It just happened to be an AMAZING purchase. Great customer support by the way.
This course alone has saved me thousands of dollars that I´d have spent just in figuring out and testing which dusting agent may work or not for my project. Very happy I bought the course!
I had been looking for a dust control course for months and especially an affordable one (I just got out of uni) and this one is just PERFECT! It has so much valuable content. Thanks Marc.
Just the calculator and the blueprint for selecting a dusting agent are worth way more than $9.99. It´s super easy to use and straight to the point. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone looking to become an expert in dust control. Thanks 😊
Proud Partners of
“Possibly The Most Revealing Dust Control Online Course Ever Released…”
Let me guess…
Are you struggling to control dust in your mining or construction operations?

Are you tired of looking for the right solution for your dust control needs with NO SUCCESS?

Are you tired of testing different methods to control dust (including water) with still NO SUCCESS?

Well, I hear you amigo!

I know the feeling and it´s not nice!

I have been there myself…
Here is the thing…you deserve better!

You deserve to control dust in your operations without the worry and the anxiousness of knowing if what you´re doing will work or not.

You deserve to know the most common mistakes people make when controlling dust so you don´t make them…

which will result in you

You deserve to know everything there´s to know about dust control so you can focus on keeping your company´s production up and increasing its productivity.
The problem is this:

You don´t have the time and the budget to come up with the most effective method to control dust in your operations.

The GOOD NEWS however is...
I have taken everything I´ve learned over the last 7 years, compress it and, put it all together in one place. 

All of the information you get with this online course has been field-tested over and over again so you don´t make the same mistakes I did which costed me dearly.

I have laid out step-by-step what you need to do to have a successful dust control project. I have also laid out what NOT to do and the traps you should avoid at all cost.

And it´s all here in this online dust control course…

Marc Mesa Capodicasa
“The Ultimate Online Course On How To Become A Dust Control Expert In Your Mining And Construction Operations Solves ALL of Your Dust Control Problems Almost Instantly!”
To your success!
Who Needs This Revolutionary ´Secret Methodology´?
  • Are you an environmental engineer or mining engineer student ready to have a practical course and learn the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts of dust control?

  • Are you an intern, junior engineer, assistant engineer, junior environmental engineer starting your work life who wants to learn the most effective method to control dust to impress your boss right away and get a promotion?

  • Are you a Senior mining engineer, an environmental manager, project manager, superintendent, underground mining manager/engineer, quarry engineer, quarry manager, environmental consultant who wants to control dust quickly and efficiently without the headaches of trial-and-errors?

  • Are you a general manager, CEO, vice president or in any other top executive position who wants to decrease your construction or mining operational costs and increase your productivity?

  • Are you an owner of any business experiencing dust related problems, whether that be in the construction, mining, renewable energy, transportation, agricultural, aviation, waste management, oil & gas industries?
If You Answered ´´YES´´ To Any Of The Above Questions…
You Definitely Need This Online Course On How To Become A Dust Control Expert!
Why This Dust Control Course Is Essential To Discover The Most Powerful Dust Control Secret Methodology Known To Man!  
Now that we have established who needs my Secret Methodology

Let me give you a taste of some of the benefits you get once you apply it: 
How to decrease your dust generation by more than 80% in only 24 hours (This is something what the so called “experts” won´t dare to tell you).

How to control dust for more than 6 months at a time without re-grading your unpaved road (This technique alone is responsible for millions of dollars in saving).

Find out the 5 most fatal mistakes you should avoid at all cost when controlling dust or stabilizing soils ( I can count on one hand the number of companies not making these unspeakable mistakes).

How to control dust without using a single drop of water (no other dust control company have a clue how to do this).

How to identify your most critical dust generation points and eliminate them in a matter of days.
How to have a dustless and passable road even after the Biblical Genesis Flood (This little trick will blow your mind).

What you must do RIGHT NOW if you´re controlling dust (It´s the opposite to what you´ve been told and could increase the likelihood of success of your project).

You need to have big pockets to be able to control dust all-year-round, right? WRONG!

The 8 things you must do to your haul road to increase productivity and decrease your haul road operational costs by more than 40% (This goes against everything you´ve been taught).

How to develop and implement a dust control maintenance plan that increases your productivity by 60% (This is literally the polar opposite to what everyone is doing).

How NOT to pay environmental fines (This is all legal…I promise!).
I could go on and on but...

The point I´m trying to make here is that these are all proven, field-tested strategies that I´m using right now to control dust in any situation and weather condition you can think of… 
So, before we continue let me tell you…
What Is This Dust Control Secret Methodology All About?
End of story. Period.

I don´t care if you´re having dust problems on an unpaved road, stockpiles, working area, on a super hyper extra heavy traffic haul road, unpaved car park, underground mining, tailing dams, or even in your back garden…

I don´t even care if your unpaved road is gravel, silty, sandy, peaty, or chalky soil…

Or if your project climatic condition is melting hot, raining like the apocalypse, or freezing cold

This ´Secret Methodology´ works like a charm in any situation, soil type, and in any climatic condition you can think of!

And it´s all laid out in this course

I´ll walk you through exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it

This course contains every single secret to control dust in the most efficient, durable, and cost effectively way…

These secrets are the one I´m using in my business to solve my clients´dust problems all around the globe and in any sector of the world economy you can imagine 

And finally you can have them too…

So, let´s have a look at… 
This is the most powerful methodology you can start applying today to control dust. 
Look, I have been asked many times before if this secret methodology of mine really exists or if it´s only a fantasy…

And believe it or not, if it´s even legal!

I know, crazy right?

And I always insist it´s completely true, real and of course it´s absolutely legal

You see, this ´Secret Methodology´ took me years to discover, hundreds of sleepless nights, a hell of a lot of trials-and-errors, and hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way

This is not a pray-to-the-Greek-gods-and-see-what-happens methodology…

This is a proven, scientific backed, field-tested methodology with a success rate of 100%

No, you ain´t seeing it wrong… no need to adjust your vision compadre

100% success rate!

The Path You Need To Follow To Discover This ´Once-In-A-Lifetime Secret Methodology´
Hit the button.
Fill in the form.
Get immediate access to my Secret Methodology to Control Dust for long periods of time (success rate: 100%).

“I Can´t Believe You Decreased Dust Generation By More Than 85% With This Confidential Technique“
Featured in MiningMatch
I´m a massive practitioner of giving a lot first to receive a lot later down the road

And since I want to receive a lot…

Check out this interview I was invited to by the host of the popular mining programme Mining Match, where I explain how I decreased dust generation by more than 85% in one day!

This is one of the many strategies you will find inside the course 
Cut The Bullshit And Show Me Some Proof Of What This ´Secret Methodology´ Of Yours Can Do!
Their dust level was well beyond the safety limit of 20% (opacity limit)

Without getting too technical not to bore you, Opacity is the concentration of dust particles in the air at any given moment…

So, if that concentration is beyond the 20% threshold, you´re in great danger compadre…

Because dust has officially taken over!

In this case, something needed to be done and QUICK

This is how it looked like before deploying my Secret Methodology
As you can see, dust was literally all over the place.

The situation was so bad, that the workers were complaining that they even had dust inside their underwear (true story…)

So, after a few Zoom meetings – and yes, this was during the pandemic so we couldn´t put our boots on the ground – and some planning…

We deployed our Secret Methodology and BOOM 💥
I´m a true believer in hard, real tested results (mostly from independent labs) from real projects where this powerful methodology has been applied with outstanding results…

This is not some dreamy theory I came up with within the last few days with no real application

This is a practical, proven, real field-tested methodology I have deployed in hundreds of projects all around the world with palpable and verifiable results

You need PROOF? Well, I´ll give it to ya…

What I´m about to show you is one of the many projects I have applied my Secret Methodology

This project in particular was for a mining company that was having serious dust problems in their operations
We decreased dust levels far below the 20% danger zone right from day one of applying my Secret Methodology

I´m telling you, this stuff delivers immediate results and is working right now in 2022!
Threshold > 20%
Threshold > 20%

You Need More Proof You Greedy Truth-Seeker?
Okay, okay I hear you…

And by the way, I really appreciate you´re skeptical about this Secret Methodology

Cause the internet is full of phony ´gurus´ who claim to have the solutions and sell you only empty promises

You know, these fellow are the pirates of the Caribbean of the internet

So I don´t expect you to blindly take my word…

Why is why I´m showing you real-life results

Look, this methodology is so powerful and life-changing that it remains effective for at least one year and a half after implementing it!

Yes, you read that right…You implement my methodology today and it will control dust for 547 days!

Here´s the proof (field-tested)…
I know you´re desperate for a little visual massaging and I´ll give it to you (wink)

Before My Secret Methodology
After My Secret Methodology
As seeing is believing and so far you´ve seen quite a lot, let´s now look at...
Here Is My Totally Outrageous, ´He´s Lost His Mind´ Guarantee 
I´ll refund your money!

No questions asked!

And you can still keep access to the course.

I´ll take it even further just for you…

You will also have access to all the new and fresh material I´ll be adding in the next few months.

Yep, that´s how sure I´m you´ll love the online course 😊
Okay, buckle up people…

My guarantee is simple

You get the “The Ultimate Online Course On How To Become A Dust Control Expert In Your Mining And Construction Operations” and if you don´t love it or if you don´t feel you´re getting valuable information to become a dust control expert within the next 7 days…
Here Are All The Golden Nuggets You Get With The Course For The Insanely Low Price Of       
Exclusive Videos Training (Valued $189)
You get all, and I mean ALL, you need to know about dust control with these exclusive videos training. This isn´t some training filled with nonsense outdated airy-fairy ´theory´, no. It includes the most concise, hardest-hitting, and field-tested methodologies for you to become an expert in dust control and have a successful dust control project. All you´ll learn here is practical, straight-to-the-point, and applicable information.
ebook: 24 Revealing Principles You Have To Know To Achieve Dust Control Mastery (Valued $99)
You get our secret 24 principles that will help you become a dust control expert in no time. These principles have been field-tested by me many times in our own dust control projects. These are proven principles that I have used to increase the productivity of our client´s operations by 30% and decrease their operational costs by at least 40%.
The How-To Guide To Select The Best dust Suppressant For Your Project (Valued $129)
Every project has its own unique set of challenges and therefore requires a different type of solution or product. With this guide, you get all the solutions available on the market and the best product that best suits your project so you can skip all the searching and trials. This guide alone has saved my clients millions of dollars.
Blueprint For A Profitable Selection And Use Of Dust Suppressants (Valued $149)
Save yourself money and time by using this blueprint for your dust control project. This blueprint is incredibly powerful. It will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to have a successful dust control project. Is your unpaved road trafficked?...This blueprint tells you what you need to do. Is your unpaved road untrafficked?...you also get what you need to do!
Proven Comparative Template To Calculate The Cost Of Your Dust Control Project (Valued $39)
This easy ´insert-the-data´ excel template is the perfect tool you need to make a projection of what your dust control project costs will be. Extremely useful when you´re considering several dust suppressants for your project. 
Revolutionary Digital Dust Control Cost Calculator (Valued $149)
This POWERFUL calculator tells you exactly how much money you´re spending or how much money you´ll spend on your project. You only need to insert a few details and the calculator will do the rest for you. Not even the so-called dust control expert ´gurus´ have this calculator. In fact, the reason that led me to create this calculator is that I couldn´t find one!
The Truth You Need To Know About Dust Monitoring (Valued $99)
Most companies control dust and then forget about it as if dust will just disappear forever. MASSIVE mistake. It´s like expecting to lose 10 kilos by only going to the gym once, right?  You need to keep a close eye on the dust and this simplified pdf tells you how to monitor dust and which equipment to use to do so. 
      …That´s A Lot, Right? 

Well, The Prosperity Unwritten Universal Law Is That To Get More You Have To Give 3x More (And I Live By That Rule!)…

So, Here´s What You Also Get
Short Videos Training (Valued $49)
You get more than 25 super condensed videos with extra tips covering all aspects of dust control. 
24/7 Community Access
You get instant lifetime access to our exclusive 
Eco-Soil Group® Academy Facebook Group of like-minded people. In this community you get to virtually meet people who are in the dust control industry like you, you get to share your dust control experiences, and ask as many questions as you like FOR LIFE. 
Free Technical Consultation (Valued $299)
With the purchase of your online course, you also get a FREE No-Obligation Technical Consultation with one of my engineers or with myself. In your Free Consultation, we´ll deep dive into your specific dust control problems and tell you exactly what you need to do to solve them. We´ll even prepare a Dust Control Maintenance Plan for you completely FREE! 
Getting This Course Will Instantly Position You As A Trusted Dust Control AUTHORITY! 
These Big Boys Have Approached Us To Solve Their Dust Control Needs 
Ok, I know, I know. I´m not sexy, and I know it.

I just wanted to grab your attention 😜

Listen, I just wanted to tell you a bit about myself and what is it that I do for a living.

I mean, at the end of the day I´ll be the one training you on the course.
This Is MeYour Super Sexy Instructor 
We specialize in road construction, soil stabilization, and dust control for the construction and mining industry. And just like you, I´m a fan of dust control.
I started in the oil and gas industry with my family business and then I decided to shift to road construction and dust control after a trip to Africa. 
So I thought to myself…there must be a better and more cost-effective way to help these people 
out and make a difference.

And since then I have helped hundreds of people and companies to solve their dust control needs from all around the globe….from South America to Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond…

It wasn´t until I started receiving so many questions about dust control that I decided to launch 
a dust control course. 
  • How can I control dust effectively?
  • How can I increase productivity in my operations?
  • How can I decrease my maintenance costs?
  • How can I stop using water to control dust when I know is hurting the planet?
You know, those types of questions

So, that´s when it hits me to create an online dust control course with hard-hitting actionable strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to solve all your dust control problems. 
So you better know one thing or two about me now that we´re going to spend some quality time together.
My name is Marc Mesa, CEO and founder of Eco-Soil Group® and the Eco-soil Group Academy.
I got to witness how thousands of people were having poor quality lives due to the poor road infrastructure in their communities and how dust was casing them major health problems. 
Not Convinced?...
Here´s A Sneak Peak Of What You´ll Find Inside The Members Area
Here´s A Quick Review Of EVERYTHING You´re Getting Today For Just $900 $9.99
Total Value If You Would Have To Ask The So Called ´Gurus´: $900
Exclusive Training Videos To Become A Dust Control Expert (Valued $189)
  • Dust Particles Categories And Why It´s Important:
In this lesson, you´ll learn why it´s important to know in which category the dust you´re having falls into.
All explained in Lesson 6
Not only I´ll tell you what those 7 factors are, I´ll also tell you how to eliminate them so you have a dust free project.
All explained in Lessons 7 - 8
You have no idea how many people and companies complaint they still have dust just after the application of a dusting agent. And it all comes down to the application process done wrong! You´ll learn step-by-step what you need to do to apply a dusting agent properly.
All explained in Lesson 10
ebook: 24 Revealing Principles You Have To Know To Achieve Dust Control Mastery (Valued $99)
The How-To Guide To Select The Best Dust Suppressant For Your Project (Valued $129)
Blueprint For A Profitable Selection And Use Of Dust Suppressants (Valued $149)
Proven Comparative Template To Calculate The Cost Of Your Dust Control Project (Valued $39)
The Truth You Need To Know About Dust Monitoring (Valued $99)
The Dust Control Calculator (A Powerful Tool) (Valued $149)
  • 07 Factors That Influence Dust Emissions On Unpaved Roads
  • Application Process Of A Dust Suppressant
Thanks for taking the time to read this page and I´m very much looking forward to seeing you on the online course! 
Marc Mesa Capodicasa.
Ahhhh, you made it, to the warm and comfy zone of the P.S section

And, in case you´re one of those people who just like to skip right to the end…
Really? Are you still with me?

Okay, look. I´ll be adding more training videos, ebook´s, cheat sheets, and super practical tools to the online course in the coming months and you can still get access to all of that new fresh, out-of-the-oven material for today´s price of just  $900    

For obvious reasons, the course will increase in price, but the good news is my Dear Watson, if you get the online course today you can get access to all of that new amazing content and I won´t charge you a cent more.

Nothing, Nada, Nichts, Rien

Now, that´s a pretty good deal don´t you think?
Holy mother of nature…are you still with me? 

Do you want me to get a rabbit out of a hat?

Look, I don´t know what else to tell you…

But what I´ll say is this…

Hurry up and get your hands today on this online dust control course before this LIMITED TIME OFFER of just $900    
goes away.

You won´t regret it (pinky promise)
Triple P.S.
Here´s the deal:
You get “The Ultimate Online Course On How To Become A Dust Control Expert In Your Mining And Construction Operations” for just  $900 

Where I´ll be giving you all the practical, straight to the point, and applicable secret methodologies to become a dust control expert no matter the industry you are in. All of those methodologies are easily applicable to solve your dust control problems.
And if you don´t love it, you just send me an email or a Morse code if that is your thing, and I´ll refund your well-earned money straight away. No questions asked my friend!
 $9.99 …
Double P.S.
 $9.99 …
Frequently Asked Questions
Who Is This Course For?
Well, the short and simple answer is for anyone looking to solve their dust control problems and become an expert doing so. I don´t care if you´re a Real Madrid or Barcelona fan or if you like Caipirinha with lemon or warm milk with chocolate sprinkles…If you want to learn the secret methodologies to control dust efficiently and cost-effectively…

This is the right course FOR YOU.

Will This Work For Me?
I have personally field-tested all of the secret methodologies I teach in the course. I have been applying these methods for many years now and I have solved all of our clients´ dust control problems in hours!

From the mining to the construction sector, oil & gas to the civil construction industry…And it simply just works in every situation, type of soil, traffic volume, and climatic conditions you can think of.

I GUARANTEE it will work for you too!

Look, if for some weird reason you don´t like what you get or if you apply my secret methodology to control dust and doesn´t work…

I´ll refund you all of your money, plus you can keep all the course content just for the inconvenience.
How Is This Different From Other Courses?
Here´s the thing…

As unbelievable as it may sound, there´s no other dust control online course out there that can teach you the ins and outs, the dos and don´ts, and most importantly, practical information you can start applying straight away to control dust in your operations no matter what soil type you have or if your traffic volume is extra heavy.

Truth to be told, there´s one course that lasts more than 18 months and costs more than $22,000 (greedy bastards).

Listen, this course isn´t filled with airy-fairy theory or mystical concepts.

It´s filled with my own in-the-trenches experience of controlling dust in any environment and challenge you can think of.

And you´re getting all of this experience synthesised down in this course.
What Exactly Am I Getting?
A relaxing foot massage, a dog dressed in high heels, and two lottery tickets.

C´mon people….What do you think you´re getting?

Ok, ok….jokes aside

You get Exclusive Training Videos, an ebook, The How-To Guide To Select The Best Dust Suppressant For Your Project, a Blueprint for a profitable selection and use of dust suppressants, a proven comparative template to calculate the cost of your dust control project, The truth you need to know about dust monitoring (pdf), The Dust Control Calculator (You´ll love this!), 24/7 Community access, Practical Tips, and a Free technical consultation.
Is It True You Have A 7 Days Money-Backed Guarantee?
100% true!

If you don´t like the course the only thing you need to do is send me an email and I´ll refund all of your digital money.

You don´t need to explain ANYTHING

So go ahead and click the order button once and for all.
Contact us at: 
4300 Biscayne Blvd Suite 203, Miami Florida 33137. United States.
+1 (305) 882-9424
483 Green Lanes N13 4BS. London, United Kingdom
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